Here are some Information to help make your shopping experience easier!

Do you ship to all states in Nigeria?

Yes we ship nationwide using GiG logistics, Motor park services and local delivery services in Abuja. Sometimes you may have your parcel hand delivered by our CEO too!

I am confused as to which products to purchase :(

Don't worry about this, we have detailed blog posts with information on How to identify your skin type, What are your skin Concerns

We also have categories on our main page with tabs that you click on to get a personalized curation with products to tackle your skin problems.

If you still need help, you can book a consultation which comes with a N1500 charge and we will guide you. To book your consultation, please send an email to info@hanpeau.com

Can I pay Cash on Delivery? 

To pay cash, please send an email or a DM to us on Instagram to confirm if this method is possible. In some cases we accept this for customers in Abuja. But this needs to be discussed beforehand so please contact us. 

I can't find the product I want on your website. 

We are happy to take custom orders on Korean skincare products if possible, so please get in touch through email or insta DM to discuss this! 

Do you offer Free Shipping. 

Yes we offer free shipping but only on orders over N40, 000. However we will sometimes offer this to our newsletter subscribers so be sure to sign up so you don't miss out on this and other exclusive offers. 

My product has instructions in Korean and I don't understand it. 

We put up information on the product, instructions on how to use, ingredients list in English in the description section of each product on our website. So please visit it when you're confused. Thank you. 

My product does not have an expiry date? 

The cosmetics have the manufacture or expiry date in Korean. Please look out for something like this 

제조: Manufacture Date

까지: Expiry Date